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(Frequently Asked Questions)

What am I getting myself into!?

If you are new to YoGay Yoga here are a few tips on what to expect and bring with you.  First, I have been teaching yoga since I was 19 and have committed myself to studying with the finest and most innovative teachers in the yoga world today.  Not only will you receive some of the best instruction in the industry, but, as a former drag queen, you'll get some campy humor, snark and witty banter to boot.

What do I wear?

Please don your gay apparel.  Onesies, tights, leggings, jeggings, or your finest pair of pajamas are all welcome.  This is a safe, accepting and judgment-free zone. Do not fret over the latest yoga fashions parading through Pittsford.  Loose, comfortable clothing, i.e. shorts and a t-shirt are just dandy.  We provide a changing area as well.

Do I need to be barefoot?

Barefoot is strongly encouraged as many yoga poses require balance, strength, and stability. For those with a foot fetish, you'll have plenty of foot porn fodder. You can also get your tootsies painted if you like.  

Can I change at the studio?

Yeppers!  We have ample space and designated changing areas to strip down and slip into your yoga tights.  

Is there a bathroom?

We have a clean, spacious and well ventilated lavatory.  

What if I fart in yoga class?

Get over it!  I’m pretty sure we’ve all had much more embarrassing and messy moments in the boudoir. 

Do I need to bring a mat?

YoGay Yoga  and Nu Movement  provides all the yoga accoutrements you need.  There is no need to bring additional props unless it is your preference.  We provide yoga mats, yoga belts for stretching, yoga blocks for support, and yoga blankets for meditation and restorative poses.  However, I would encourage you to purchase your own yoga mat.  Check out these recommendations:


Manduka Pro-Lite



Is There Parking?

Nu Movement provides ample  parking  accessible from Atlantic and University Avenue, adjacent to Edible’s Restaurant and Starry Nite’s Cafe.

Where is the studio entrance?

Nu Movement’s entrance is located off Atlantic Avenue, in the same lot as parking.  

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